new Cd DAWG TRACKS 2011 available!!

Fourth CD release by Funkdawgs, world's first internet jazz/funk/blues band. CD collects 14 great tunes recorded between 2006 and 2010 by these musicians in long distance recording and celebrates the band as the most acclaimed "internet music band" in the world since his first records on 2000.
CD can downloaded by now through CD Baby web site at

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For a special phisical CD copy please contact the band through www.funkdawgs.com

Other CDs from Funkdawgs:
Borderless (2003)
Dawgma (2005)
A Dawg's Life (2006)
Special Music Minus One releases (2006) at www.musicminusone.com

All rights reserved. Video direction by Filippo Bertacche


New Tunes released and Bob Johnson film debut

All new tune promos available on www.funkdawgs.com player

jan-apr 2010 - New tunes recorded... Vals De Nuit and Mobe Dick Blues by K.Whitlock, Hide Out and Chewawa (feat. Matt Thorpe on 2nd guitar) by Bobby Brewer. Bob Johnson produced his first film documentary "The Unanswered Questions". Watch it at youtube.com

Updates on new tunes year 2009

Funkdawgs band released a couple of tunes by Bill Lawrence (Passing and Analogue), four tunes by Bobby Brewer (Get It Off!, Hiwind, Miltons Groove feat. french guitarist Yves Sordage, Pelicans March)... other tunes on the way...

Special Funkdawgs release SOULMATES

December 2008 - Funkdawgs and friends released a special tribute for Enita, passed away recently, to celebrate her amazing free spirit and her love for the band and all members of this incredible and unique musical and friendship project that is the FUNKDAWGS BAND. Guests on CD are legendary Paul Hoffert, Dicky Thompson, Howard Mayberry, Don McGinnis, Catherine Delgadillo, Kerry Lytle, Ben Christa, Bryan Bergstedt. The unofficial CD release is called SOULMATES and is to Enita dedicated...God bless your soul Enita...


New tunes feat. Paul Hoffert and Catherine Delgadillo!!

OTTAWA - June 2008 - Funkdawgs, after a while, had chance to came back to their virtual studios to record new tunes featuring legendary canadian drummer Paul Hoffert from famous 70's pop band LIGHT HOUSE... Another collaboration with californian guitar player Catherine Delgadillo, phrasing with our magnificent world touring guitarist Bobby Brewer, was just finished in july.
Check out new tunes on our player!!

Vie Nocturne feat. C. Delgadillo on 2nd guitar
Point To Point feat. P.Hoffert on marimba

Check out also new tunes Monk Approved, Oki Doki, House Blues, Deuce, Apogee feat. Wayne Eagles on guitar and Upon Further Review feat. Athur Bayram-Galy on guitar and new video presentation of their last Cd "A Dawg's life"...

listen and watch at www.funkdawgs.com and at www.myspace.com/funkdawgs


Find Your Groove videoclip by Funkdawgs

Videoclip "Find Your Groove Thing" track n.1 from Funkdawgs Cd release "A Dawg's Life" released in 2006. Clip is a collection of video shots from Funkdawgs Nashville reunion in 2006. After five years producing music exclusively via web the WORLD'S FIRST INTERNET MUSIC BAND became a REAL band and played live all together. All rights reserved Funkdawgs Music 2006 http://www.funkdawgs.com/.


Funkdawgs featured on Guitar World CD (June, 2007 issue)

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - May 2007- S.O.L.R. tune by Funkdawgs is featured on Guitar World CD annex to the June 2007 issue as winner of Netmusicmakers contest as best virtual band.


Funkdawgs win Netmusicmakers contest as best virtual band!

SACRAMENTO, CA — January 12, 2007— Net Music Makers ("NMM") today announced the winners of its 'Battle of the Bands' competition and the beta launch of its Web 2.0 site. Congratulations go to the Fire Apes, winner of NMM's Live Band competition, and the Funkdawgs, winner of NMM's Virtual Band competition.
"We're 'rebooting' the music industry," stated Jeff Tamelier, President, Net Music Makers.com , and former guitarist for R&B band, Tower of Power. "We want to thank all our friends and fans for helping us get positioned to leapfrog over traditional labels, terrestrial, and satellite radio. Many 'thanks' to our house band, web developers, investors, and partners".

About NMM's Virtual Band Winner – The Funkdawgs

The Funkdawgs are five jazz musicians who create music online from various locations around the globe. The Funkdawgs feature Bobby Brewer (Guitar) from Nashville; Filippo Bertacche (Drums) from Vicenza, Italy; Bob Johnson (Saxophone) from Ottawa, Canada; Bill Lawrence (Bass Guitar) from Albany, New York; and Kyle Whitlock (Keyboards) from Columbia, South Carolina. The Funkdawgs have released three albums, including Borderless, Dawgma, and A Dawg's Life, plus a special Music Minus One release. In April 2006, the Funkdawgs played their first 'live' gig in Nashville, Tennessee. That was their first meeting, since the Dawgs exclusively create, contribute, and produce their music, over the web. For more information, visit www.funkdawgs.com.


Funkdawgs featured on Saxophone Journal Jan/Feb 2007 issue

Greetings to all saxophonists around the world!
It's a pleasure to present this playalong cd for Saxophone Journal. Funkdawgs have a unique twist however in that all the recording process is done via the Internet and no two musicians were in the same room at the same time. This collection of tune is intended to give any level of player, from beginner to advanced, the opportunity to concentrate on their sense of timing and groove. By keeping the tunes in relatively easy keys and using pretty straight ahead chord changes, any saxophonist can have some fun playing with a dynamite rhythm section...
Inside the magazine Bob Johnson, saxophonist of Funkdawgs, explaines also the whole internet recording process used by the band in last 5 years...


Funkdawgs Music Production Service - keyboards recording

Kyle Whitlock, keyboardist of the funkdawgs band, explains his recording instrumentation, how he records and creates funkdawgs tunes.
Funkdawgs record for many musicians and magazines around the world; also featured on indie films and Music Minus One productions.
For funkdawgs Music Production Service refer to www.funkdawgs.com and click on Music Production Service link.
Hear you soon.


Funkdawgs Music Production Service - sax recording

Bob Johnson, saxophonist of the funkdawgs band, explains his recording instrumentation.
Funkdawgs record for many musicians and magazines around the world; also featured on indie films and Music Minus One productions.
For funkdawgs Music Production Service refer to www.funkdawgs.com and click on Music production Service link.
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"A Dawg's Life", the new CD from the Funkdawgs

For the Funkdawgs, It's always been about the mix. A virtual mix of talented jazz musicians. A unique mix of backgrounds and cultures from around the planet. An exciting of original jazz-funk material. And now the eclectic mix of a Dawg's Life.
Eight new virtual tracks created via internet wav files. Five live concert tracks from the Dawg's historic first gig at Nashville's Gibson Showcase in April, 2006. Plus a live studio track recorded during rehearsals for the concert. After five years of creating in isolation, the magical Nashville experience of finally meeting face-to-face has expanded the channels of friendship and musical exploration even further for the Dawgs.
Fresh tracks, new arrangements and passionate playing. It's easy to see how they're really livin' a dawg's life.